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Fantastic Mattress Bargains EVERY Day at The Samaritan Furniture!

Your home’s mattresses are vital for your peak performance the next day AND for your long-term health. It’s true! Getting the right product will add YEARS to your life! That’s why The Samaritan Furniture’s first-class mattress store offers you ONLY the finest sleep solutions from top brands. Yet when you upgrade your beds’ mattresses, every 10 years as the experts recommend, we keep prices down to earth by cutting out middlemen and other unnecessary costs. That way our modern mattress showroom presents you with relaxing options you CAN afford. Plus, many of our mattresses are available through Samaritan Direct Ship, from the factory to your door in 48 hours! Here are some of the ways we improve your night’s rest with awesome new mattresses.

Fantastic Innerspring Mattresses

Our entry-level innerspring twin mattresses have enhanced classic coils that are ideally calibrated to support your sleeping body so your mind and muscles can heal and recharge overnight. Whether operating independently or in some spring mattresses in unison, your new mattress from The Samaritan Furniture gives your spine the firmness necessary to maintain your health. But these excellent mattresses also have a soft top layer for that coveted cloud-like feeling as the day’s stress just floats away!

Luxurious Hybrid Mattresses

Among our scores of lab-perfected king and queen mattresses for sale, The Samaritan Furniture presents you with a leading brand that’s not as well known as the big names but that’s YOUR gain: low price! Check out the advances in sleep technology that Sierra Sleep by Ashley hybrid mattresses give you. For instance, one of our celebrated queen-size mattresses from this company is an astonishing 12 inches thick. Pocketed coils, the state of the art in the mattress industry, are backed by a tough foam core to do the heavy lifting. But this is surrounded by layers of soothing support foam. Best of all, the top of this high-end mattress features the latest version of memory foam. This mattress material has come a LONG way since its debut on the market. Feel this foam cradle your tired self by shaping itself to your body EXACTLY. Better still, you get your choice of mattress topper according to your preferred softness, such as Euro or pillowtop.

Find out what YOU’VE been missing all these years. The mattress deals are REAL at our Houston, TX store!

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